Leading e-commerce company, QNet, is on a mission to spread the
concept of wellness and a healthy lifestyle with individuals
worldwide. Their profound passion for global expansion is facilitated
though highly qualified independent distributors in over 100 countries
including Africa, Russia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. These
extremely knowledgeable representatives are skilled in interacting
with a diverse group of consumers who are interested in learning more
about the corporation’s life enhancement philosophy: think global and
act local. Remarkably, as the premier direct-selling company, QNet’s
mission is to provide unprecedented consumable wellness products to
individuals in many countries and cities. The international marketing company, QNet, is well renowned.

QNet’s extensive selection of life enhancement products and services
is attracting a variety of consumers from many regions around the
world. Although the industry is oversaturated with wellness offerings,
the company’s uniqueness lies in their unparallel direct selling
approach. Moreover, this strategic corporation proudly maintains
services related to nutrition, travel, education, jewelry, and
skincare, which are each sold through independent distributors.
Notably, these beneficial offerings are targeted toward individuals
who would like to improve their current lifestyle. Undeniably, the
QNet executives, Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark, strive to value to
the lives of the consumer by implementing their effective direct
selling model. (Twitter.com Profile)

In addition to presenting healthy products, the company also maintains
a comprehensive database of expert representatives. Currently, QNet is
directed by Vijay Eswaran who has ample experience in the multilevel
marketing sector. As a seasoned businessmen, his primary
responsibility is to oversee and manage the operations of his highly
qualified team. Moreover, the company’s business model involves a
direct selling approach in which independent distributors sells QNet’s
exceptional offerings directly to the consumer in a face-to-face
manner. Essentially, individuals initially join the company to
purchase the products at a discount rate. Following their employment
registration, the representative may earn money by distributing the
products and services to members in their community in which they are
also presented with the opportunity to join the QNet team. However,
independent distributors will not earn commission only by recruitment.
This renowned company seeks to reward individuals for effectively
promoting their products.

Today, QNet is the leading direct selling e-commerce corporation and,
as a result, the strategic executives look forward to expanding their services
more internationally. Unlike their competitors, the company strives to
present beneficial wellness product by employing a legit and
streamline approach. Headquartered in Hong Kong, QNet recently
announced their plans to relocate their manufacturing facilities to
India. This production shift will provide the company with a 8 to 12
percent cost benefit. Moreover, within the past year, the revenue from
India has increased by 100 percent and Eswaran expects a continually
growth in numbers.

In November 2014, the attorney Dan Newlin helped obtain a verdict of $100 million for a teenager who has been in a coma for the past two years because of severe brain damage. It is one of the largest verdicts in Orange County’s history. The verdict includes medical care payments for the past and the future, pain and suffering, punitive damages, and emotional distress for the teen’s mother Alma Fletcher.

In July 2012, Danielle Sampson was a passenger in her family’s minivan when she was hit by a bullet in the head. She was only 15 years old at the time and the stray bullet was shot by 22 year old Tyrone Mosby, a gang member. He was running from a home invasion and was firing at the owner of the home. Danielle is only able to blink her eyes and remains paralyzed after being in the hospital for several weeks. The bullet is lodged inside her skull and has not been removed.

Newlin hopes that the verdict will send a strong message to all gang members and criminals. He wants them to know that if they do wrongful acts they will be held responsible for their actions civilly and criminally.

In July 2013, the lawsuit was filed with Mosby listed as the defendant. Mosby was also found guilty in another lawsuit on seven counts that included aggravated battery and attempted first degree murder. The sentence was 30 years in jail.

Alma Fletcher is glad that Mosby is finally understanding the effects of his terrible actions, but her main concern is getting justice for her daughter. Danielle’s stepfather, Justin Fletcher, knows that no monetary award will ever make their daughter complete again, but it will help bring some degree of closure to the terrible ordeal.

Newlin was happy that he was able to help the Fletcher family obtain the best possible verdict for their case. He believes that no child or parent should ever have to go through such a tragic experience. Check out Dan Newlin on YouTube.

Currently, Newlin has been able to recover more than 150 million in damages for injury victims. His Florida office consists of 18 skilled attorneys and more than 75 employees. His office focus on auto accidents, personal injury, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, medical negligence, construction accidents, and wrongfully charged criminal offenses.

The Ultimate Ski Vacation – Squaw Vallery Ski Resort

Nestled deep in the Olympic Valley and on the north shore of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains lies the Squaw Valley Resort. With 6,000 ski-able acres of the prettiest snow you ever saw, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows is the ultimate in ski vacations. It’s located between Truckee and Tahoe City, just off highway 89. The resorts are within easy driving distance of San Francisco and Sacramento, and it’s open all year round. The resort’s highest elevation is 9,050 feet, and it has a base elevation of 6,200 feet. Squaw Mountain Holdings boasts six mountain peaks, Snow King, Broken Arrow, KT, Emigrant Squaw Peak and Granite Chief, and an average snow fall of 450 inches per year.

Lodging at Squaw Valley is right in the heart of exciting Tahoe. Rooms run from the luxury standard which sleeps two to the luxurious three bedroom suites with complete kitchens. Each room or suite comes with a balcony and a view of the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains. Rates are reasonable and the specials offer discounted tram tickets. From the delightful outside fire pits to the elegant gourmet dining rooms, there is a delightful menu for every appetite. The Wonderlust Yoga Studio offers workshops and Trilogy Spa lets you relax in style with your favorite wine. Activities go on all year, and in the summer Squaw Valley offers golf clinics and sky jumps. Ballrooms are available for weddings and parties, and the meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technology. Aerial adventures abound all year round with rope courses, skating, wall climbing and something for everyone in the family.

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings is ranked as the top ski resort in the country, and CNN called it the best place to ski in the world. Squaw Valley Chief Executive Officer and President Andy Wirth brought 25 years of international resort experience with him in when he took the reins of the company. It’s now one of the top 20 ski resorts in the world. Mr. Wirth keeps his eye on the environment of the Sierra Nevada with a background as a ranger at the San Pedro Wilderness and the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Adam Sender has taken his success as a hedge fund mananger to an aesthetic level of even greater heights. He has found a immense passion not only in bringing funds together for big payouts but he has managed to gather a vast collection of modern works of living legendary artists into a stunning focal point to share with the rest of the world. The south beach area was chosen during the annual Art Basel Miami Beach for the largest exhibition of Adam Sender’s private collection. Having many homes, one of his Miami mansions was set up for the open house, which allowed him to showcase a pop-up exhibition while revisiting the sale of the home which was dormant on the real-estate market.

Curator, Sarah Aibel, arranged the exhibition called ‘Home Alone.’ She chose the works that would appear in the show which were created by Richard Prince, Chris Ofili, Rashid Johnson and Cindy Sherman. Bringing the works out of hiding, as Adam Sender puts it, was the goal so that he could show them to many of his new friends in the Miami Beach area as well as the art lovers attending. Art lovers and friends alike would be treated to 70 works from more than 1000 pieces in the Adam Sender private art collection. The collection has an estimated value of over $100 million dollars.

Adam Sender was reminded of the moments for each piece’s acquisition during an interview where he stated “It’s really nice to re-live with some of them again.” He pointed to two of the Keith Harring’s works called Tarps. “They really bring back a rush of memories.” His life between 1990 and the present can easily be documented by a timeline of art hunting and purchases. The period that it all began was just after his departure from Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital Advisors, LP and the launch of his own Exis Capital Hedge Fund company.

Adam Sender’s gift for honing in on the most lucrative capital deals is equaled by his eye for fabulous art works of today’s most talented artists. Because these artist’s pieces have appreciated so much over the past two decades, Adam states that he once purchased a Richard Prince for $100,000 in the 1990s but now Richard Prince “works aren’t really affordable.” Check out Adam Sender on LinkedIn.

Things have not always gone well for Mr. Sender as he is navigating through tough financial waters due to a lawsuit against his hedge fund whose plaintiff is Fairfax Financial Holdings, Ltd. Despite this, Adam continues to pursue and purchase new pieces for his vast collection. He has a preference for promising young artists who are about to burst on to the scene. “That’s where the excitement is. I know that I have a good eye, and I use it to buy what I know.”

A new service that makes cleaning more convenient is on the market today. Handybook, is a startup service created by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, that allows you to order a home cleaner with a click of a button. This service can provide you with a plumber, handyman, or someone to clean your house. It is affordable, more convenient, with reliable work quality that can solve any problem you have around your house.

Handybook is closely related to a service like Uber because of the service you will be getting at any time you please. Instead of immediate transportation, you can receive instant home maintenance work. Handybook handles payments and appointments on the supply and demand spectrum of the home services industry, and because of this the brand is growing tremendously. Handybook has received a lot of help from multiple partners which has helped them raise $12 million. Given this, it has skyrocketed the brand and each month they are are growing by 60%. Today, Handybook has close to a hundred employees who are accredited to completing over 10,000 jobs a month. It now operates in 13 cities and plans to open in four more major cities.

The key feature with Handybook is the convenience of their service. The traditional way to contact a home maintenance can be complicated, unreliable, and sometimes untrustworthy. Handybook becomes effortless to those seeking help. All you have to do is download the app and enter a small amount of information. Information like your zip code, what is needed, the start time, and a price quote is asked. Once your select your service you can confirm it and it will charge your card the amount.

To ensure that you will be getting formidable service, Handybook does screen all of its freelancers. This includes a background check and multiple interviews. It is definitely a competitive service to be apart of considering hundreds of thousands have applied, with only less than 5% being accepted. With those statistics it is actually more difficult to get into than Harvard! Also, an amazing feature of this service is guaranteed money back if you do not like the work that has been, or if an item has been damaged during the process. Handybook is tried, trued, and tested, so give it a shot. It is the most convenient service out there and the quality of work is second to none which puts Handybook above everyone else.

Stephen P. Murray was an American citizen born on 2nd August 1962 and raised in New York City in Westchester County. He married Tami A. Murray and had four sons. Murray graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics at Boston College in 1984 and later earned a master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School in 1989.

Murray was hired in 1984 as a trainee through the Manufacturers Hanover Trust Corporation analyst training program. He later became part of MH Equity Corporation; a combination of Manufacturers Hanover’s equity group with leveraged finance unit. In 1991, MH Equity merged with Chemical Venture Partners, which later became Chase Capital Partners. He worked with the Chase Capital Partners until its name changed to JPMorgan Partners after J.P. Morgan purchased it.

He became head of buyout business at JPMorgan Partners in 2005 and co-founded CCMP Capital. Murray became the President and Chief Executive Officer of CCPM in 2007 succeeding the founder Jeff Walker. During Stephen Murray CCPM Capital CEO time, Murray served on the board of other companies such as Aramark, Generac Power System, AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, The Vitamin Shoppe, Cabela’s Pinnacle Foods and Legacy Hospital Partners.

As a philanthropist, Murray offered his support and served as a vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College. He was also a member of the chair’s council of Make a Wish Foundation of Metro New York. He also supported the Food Bank of Fairfield County, Stamford Museum and Columbia Business School.

Stephen Murray died on 12th March 2015 at the age of 52, just one month after resigning from his work as CCPM CEO citing health-related conditions. Some of his last board membership included CCPM CEO and a board member of Crestcom International, Infogroup Increment, Jetro JMDH Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, Octagon Credit Investors, Ollie’s Bargains Outlet and Strongwood Insurance Holding.

The CCMP firm owned much of its success to him. Murray was well known for his commitment and dedication. During his time, the firm started up high-end investments such as Aramark Company. The firm also gained successful bids for its publicly traded company, Warmer Chilcott. The CCPM firm outbid TPG Capital, KKR and Blackstone Group LP. KKR & Co., who were so irritated by the defeat and even threatened to stop doing business with CCPM if it did not stop competing with them. The firm was also able to raise 3.6 billion funds, invested up to $100 million and posted up to $ 500 million on equity per transaction.

When it comes to living in New Jersey, many people opt for apartment living just because it is more affordable and convenient. Apartments in the great garden state enable you to get to where you need to go with convenience and ease and without being tied down with a mortgage. While many struggle to find mortgage rates compatible with their budgets and homes that are within their means, others are finding New Jersey apartments to be more reasonable for them and their loved ones. The key is finding the right apartment that fits your own needs.

For one, many people are choosing to go with apartments in New Jersey just because of the fact that it allows them to stay where they work. This is why it might help during your search to find apartments that are located near to where you currently work or are planning on working. The same theory applies for families who need their apartment to be next to a school, park or other amenities that make their lives generally easier and more convenient. Because there are many New Jersey apartments available, it’s pretty easy to find one that fits these requirements.

One of the most popular apartments in the state of New Jersey would be The Aspire. The Aspire is an apartment complex that is convenient and affordable for anyone, even those with families, needs and are on a strict budget. The key to finding the right apartment is knowing what you need out of it and always choosing something that is going to fit within your budget. The last thing you want is to be tied down to an apartment that is too expensive for your current budget and so it makes it hard for you to live comfortably while you are there.

There are a lot of amazing New Jersey apartments out there for you to choose, allowing you to select ones that are great for your lifestyle. Whether you want to be near a park, work, school or just have more convenience to stores and shopping, there is an apartment out there that is going to be great for you. Make sure to check listings online and locally to see which apartments are up for rent and make sure to choose one that not only fits your needs, but one that is also going to be as affordable as possible for you and your loved ones.

For more information on New Brunswick luxury rentals, click here.

Chinese equities have experienced a sharp crash, marking the steepest decline in nearly a decade, affecting markets across Asia and all the way to the Americas.

As reported by the Telegraph, the Shanghai Composite index fell, testing the maximum daily limit set for some rather large companies. This comes as rather expected as emergency measures were put in place prior to the crash. Still, investors were caught off guard by the erratic shift in the markets, and no many are wondering if the Communist Party of China can continue to control these series of economic bubbles in the property market and contribute to corporate investment as the country’s GDP increases and their economy grows.

Chief Asia Strategist Christian Broda from Capital Economics, Mark Williams, claimed that this was the result of an experiment conducted by Chinese authorities, wanting to know just what would be the result of the markets were they not to intervene at the first sign of trouble. They got their answer, it seems, in a severe market loss. He went on to say that this move has put them at a disadvantage, that their decision not to intervene may have crippled their credibility in the larger market.

In response to the crash, Chinese media outlets claim that state regulators are stepping in to purchase more stocks. At present, the Chinese government has purchased $250 billion in equities and has the ability to purchase another $450 billion more to help. And it seems they mean business as several Western banks claim to be receiving communication from government officials in China asking them to refrain from commenting until the markets stabilize.

Crystal Hunt is a world renown actor who has years of experience as a professional actor. Her first ever performance was on the CBS show Guiding Light when she was seventeen. The show was nominated for numerous Emmy Awards over its lifetime. It wasn’t until she played a troubled teen on Little Spaulding did Hunt catch the attention of fans and directors.

Crystal Hunt was born on February 5th, 1985 in Clearwater, Florida and spent most of her childhood there. When she became a teenager her family moved to New York City where she began to attend the Actors Workshop. It didn’t take long for her to be noticed by an agent looking for new actors for roles on Guiding Light. This position was enough to help her get a role on Little Spaulding, which earned an Emmy nomination for. After four years on the show she left and switched her focus to feature length movies, hoping to hit it big. Hunt was talented and lucky enough to win the audition for Derby Stallion, which saw an overall box office success in the United States. She followed Derby Stallion with a modern re-telling of the classic fairy tale Snow While titled Sydney White.

In the early 2010 Crystal Hunt made her return to television with ABC’s One Life To Live. She played and adult dancer named Stacy Morasco. She played the character for another three years before switching back to movies, staring in the gritty, thriller NYC Underground. This is where she met her now good friends Dania Ramirez, Arielle Kebbel, and Evan Ross. Crystal Hunt was the first person that Dylan Baker asked to join his first film when he became a director. The movie, 23 Blast, was about a star football player in high school who becomes blind. It was released in October 2014 and made millions in revenue.

Crystal wanted to take a break from the fast paced movie world as she began to start a family. She turned to reality television and stared in a show called Queens of Drama which took a look at former daytime and prime time actors as they try and produce their own show. It aired in April 2015. As much as she wanted to settle down Hunt was still constantly on the move. Her time was split between Savannah, Georgia where her family was and Los Angeles, California where the show was filming.

Mr. Fiorucci was born in Milan, Italy on June 10th, 1935. This man was a visionary when it came to the world of fashion, in the 1960s and 70s, but what was his vision? He understood what people wanted, in that time, which was to have fun, and look good doing it, at a fair price.

Mr. Fiorucci entered the retail industry at a young age; when he was 17 he started working in his father shoe boutique in Milan. It was at that boutique, is where he started to understand how the retail business worked, as a whole, people wanting a good product, at a descent price.

In the mid-1960s, Mr. Fiorucci opened his own store in Milan, in which Susan McGalla got her inspiration, where he sold a variety of different things that all were tailored towards the swinging London scene, of that era. The products that he sold, at this first store of his, included; fluorescent hair tints, rag rugs, gold Lurex cowboy boots and disco-spangled glad rags.

The man understood what the time called for, as far as fashion and what the hip, young generation was looking for. This store was a pop-culture icon for its time.

His entrepreneurial interests didn’t stop in Milan, he established shops in London and New York too, New York being the most popular because of its location; the store was established on 59th street, a mere hop-skip-and-jump from Bloomingdale’s. He always had something new each and every month, which kept people coming back for more.

Mr. Fiorucci’s vision for change also paved the way for new fashion entrepreneurs to flourish, like Pittsburgh’s own Susan McGalla. Ms. McGalla introduced her own ideas into fashion Susan McGalla wasn’t a part of the disco scene of the 70’s, but her own unique, enthusiastic visions for women’s fashion is why she is worth mentioning here. Ms. McGalla almost single-handedly was responsible for American Eagle Outfitters having a line of women’s clothing and accessories.

So, in closing, Mr. Fiorucci passed away at the age of 80 years old, but his visions and enthusiasm for fashion and the fashion retail industry won’t be forgotten. He will be missed by those whom loved and respected him.