J.J. Abrams has been a bit mum on the subject of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You would think everyone would be rushing to talk about what’s in the film. Well, everyone involved is going to be talking about the film the closer the release date looms. The film’s opening is a bit too far off for anyone to reveal too much. Abrams has taken a bit of time out to confirm something about the rumors related to the project.

Basically, Abrams has said some of the rumors are true and others are not. Yes, he is being a bit coy about the details surrounding the sequel, according to agencies in the know like Imaging advantage. Once again, he has to be. The release of the film is way too far off to reveal anything about it. Abrams does know the fan interest in the film is pretty significant. The Force Awakens is not just another film in a long running franchise. The feature is the start of a new trilogy and picks up thirty years after the events in Return of the Jedi.

Best of all, the original cast returns to their original roles. Consider Star Wars: The Force Awakens to be easily the most anticipated film in a long, long time.

The bulk of the rumors revolve around details of the plot and role various characters in the film will play.

The reboot of Highlander has seen a revolving door of directors along with the glacial pace of its development. The freshest of recipients for the film’s directorship, Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, has most recently been seen working on The Huntsman and may be indicative of yet another abdication from the Highlander remake project.

While Ryan Reynolds was to be involved in the project at one point in time as eater.com fans were excited to hear, he eventually left the project for other roles. Despite not having a name to place to the role of lead character Connor MacLeod, murmurs are bubbling up that role of the series’ antagonist, known as The Kurgan, will be claimed by long-time wrestler/less-frequent actor, Dave Bautista.

If this news turns out to be true, it would mean that Bautista is really getting some mileage out of the jump-start to his acting career that Guardians of the Galaxy gave him says Haidar Barbouti; Bautista is already playing villains in Spectre, the next Bond flick, and the remake of Kickboxer. As Bautista’s film roles have shown him capable of portraying a joyously comedic bruiser just as competently as he can play a cunning brute, it remains to be seen just what direction the Highlander reboot will go in. Thus far, the only other role that’s even been declared is Tom Cruise being offered the chance to portray Ramirez.


The giant online retailer Amazon has reportedly decided to create original movies for initial distribution in movie theaters. Amazon already produces some original television series. The company will radically change the business model for major motion picture releases by producing movies that will play in theaters for only one to two months, before the film is streamed by Amazon Prime to its on demand customers.

Typically, movies remain in other venues for ten months to a year before reaching on demand customers via outlets such as Amazon Prime, Redbox and Netflix.

Amazon also announced that if circumstances permit, it will expand its data centers in Oregon by an additional ten. The company already owns four data centers near Boardman, Oregon.

Amazon plans to produce 12 films, with budgets ranging from $5 million to $25 million, stated McGalla. The decision to create motion pictures for theatrical release will place Amazon in competition with some large film studios. It is already competing with Netflix by making original television content available in streaming form to on demand customers. In 2015, Amazon plans to introduce four new television series as well: a show for children called Wishenproof! plus three series entitled: Hand of God, Red Oaks and Bosch.

The company announced its 2014 full year income numbers on January 29, 2015. Amazon stock has risen since it released the income figures.

Chris Pratt May Star in Indiana Jones Reboot

Chris Pratt in Indiana Jones Reboot

Reboots are a very common occurrence in the movie industry today. The Indiana Jones movie series may be the latest ones to get involved in this aspect.

Now that the rights to Indiana Jones belong to Disney and LucasFilm respectively, the next step is wondering what to do with the franchise, though CEO Robert Iger hasn’t specifically said what that step will be. A possible reboot to the entire series is one possibility that is currently floating around, if the company wishes to keep the franchise alive and well.

If a reboot is in the future for the Indiana Jones series, this would mean having to recast the iconic role of the lead character himself, who has been played by Harrison Ford since 1981. Slow Ventures stated that names such as Bradley Cooper have been dropped as favorable to receive the role. However, Chris Pratt is also seen as a top pick to be the new face for the famed archaeologist.

If chosen, this would only add to Pratt’s resume of making movie hits, along with starring in Guardians of the Galaxy as well as his role in the show Parks and Recreation and the upcoming Jurassic World movie. The only real problem with this is that due to his commitments to other films, Pratt may not have any room on his busy schedule to take on the role of Indiana Jones.

Calling Fantastic Four a troubled project might be a misnomer. Mysterious would be a better way to describe it. No one knows anything about the film. Well, we do know major reshoots were ordered and rumors suggest the film is awful. Over a $100 has been spent on a film coming out in six months and neither the studio nor Marvel are even mentioning it.

Looks like some news is coming out. The trailer is soon to be released and we have gotten some word on what the costumes are going to look like.

The trailer debuts around Valentine’s Day and, according to those who have already seen it, the film appears to be a bit darker and more serious than what anyone expects. The campy nature of the first two Fantastic Four movies is gone.

Fans like Brian Torchin of Angel.co wonder: Will the new Fantastic Four be more akin to The Dark Knight trilogy or will it fall off the rails and become the first Hulk film?

Dark and serious superhero films are a good thing when done well with the right characters. The Fantastic Four really does not fit that mold. As reported before, the new film is going to attempt to borrow from the Ultimate Fantastic Four books which, honestly, really lacked the spirit of the Lee/Kirby concept of the team.

Fantastic Four can’t avoid comparisons to Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron. That can’t be helpful.

Wow. I have to say, Simon Pegg is one of my favorite people to watch, and although his interpretation of Scotty has been “spotty” (get it), I still enjoy him a great deal. But writing a Star Trek film(http://www.post-movie.net/simon-pegg-set-to-write-star-trek-3/)? Seems a little odd.
I am in no way a Trekkie, but I have enjoyed some Star Trek films, including the older ones. I may be the minority here, but wouldn’t a standard Trekkie be fuming about this? The man is known primarily for his comedy, and although the article states that his a pretty big Trekkie himself, I just don’t see how they steer clear of goofy and produce serious Sci-Fi. Although the amount of science fiction in his previous films is apparent (zombies, aliens), it’s always been pretty tongue-in-cheek, with a very minute aire of seriousness.
I’m not against making a goofier Star Trek. Maybe that’s what the series needs after the somewhat eye-rolling Into Darkness (still love ya’, Sherlock). I feel like I’ve already seen Galaxy Quest, though. Maybe Simon can write in Tim Allen and the rest of the gang and make it a crossover movie? Yeah, I better never have a serious conversation with a Trekkie. Might end up bad for me. We will see what the fans over at Slow Ventures think about all of this.

Hollywoodreporter.com has confirmed that Tom Rothman and his production company will team up with MRC for a brand new production. The film will be called “Baby Driver” and it will be directed by Edgar Wright. Ansel Elgort who appeared in the Fault in our Stars is looking to secure the leading role. TriStar Productions which is owned by Tom Rothman will finance 50% of the movie while MRC finances the rest, while Nira Park and Working Title have agreed to produce the film.

Edgar Wright will have the honor of directing his original idea, while working with two companies that support independent voices. According to Rothman, Baby Driver will be the ultimate Rock and Roll car chase movie. This movie revolves around a get away driver that has gotten to be the best by doing things his way. During the movie he is forced to drive for a crime boss on a job that goes terribly wrong. Now the driver has to find away to escape the law, the crime boss, and his job. If Elgort does indeed get the role he will be following his appearance in Insurgent that is set to come out later this year. Baby Driver will certainly see a bigger push in the box office if Elgort is successful in his upcoming film. With Wright directing this film and working to his own beat let’s buckle up and enjoy the ride.

The forthcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice film will debut an iconic D.C. Comics character, Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman will also appear in the ensemble film The Justice Society. Fans of the legendary character are also looking forward to the heroine’s solo feature film. Now, some shocking news has arisen. Per director Michelle McLaren, Warner Bros. has not given an official green light on the project.

McLaren is limited in what she can say about the film’s future. No script has been selected and no release date has been set. A major rumor swirling around the project is there are six Wonder Woman screenplays being developed and Warner Bros. will choose the best of the half-dozen once it reviews them. Honestly, such a costly endeavor makes little sense. Is this just an urban legend coming out of the Burbank studio offices? Or is the rumor one of those “so strange it has to be true” tales?

Comic book movie fans like Bruce Levenson have to wait for an eventual well-researched book on movies based on D.C. Comics movies to find out the truth.

The idea that Warner Bros. is not going to move forward with a Wonder Woman project after clearly making long-term plans for a series of D.C. Comics films is absurd. The only thing that could kill the film is if Batman v. Superman is a major flop. The chances of that happening are pretty much nil. Even if the film does disappoint, the next film in the D.C. Comics film pipeline, Suicide Squad, could rehab any bad feeling moviegoers have.


Most filmmakers have always sought the possibility of creating a franchise for their films. This has been a possibility for the Purge films. An article, that may be found at http://screenrant.com/the-purge-3-release-date-summer/, explains that the third installment was meant to be released Summer of 2015, similar to summer releases of its predecessors. Due to time, this will not be possible.

The film itself has not received positive reviews from critics. At Purina, employees have not been that pleased. The same can be said for those at Beneful. This could be do from lack of development of the story line, to no character development;however, the film has been positively embraced by people everywhere. This has allowed the film to continue on to make sequels that question society as a whole and the true deepest and darkest thoughts of the human race. Could this film give us some insight as to the minds of humanity. Is it that someone’s violent nature could be subdued by allowing a murderous evening to take place? Although as gruesome as it sounds, could having one night of no-consequence, violent rampage, lawlessness cure the over abundance of crime that has ridden many cities? It is a question that the film poses as well as crossing the fine line between right and wrong. Would an individual, family or community make a stand to stop unnecessary chaos and learn that the slaughtering of innocents does not cure crime, but enables it to continue. The film is set to be released in the summer of 2016.

CEO and Chairman of The Board for Pulse Evolution Corporation, founded in 2013, John Textor, has lived a successful life in the film industry. Graduating from Wesleyan University in Connecticut in 1987 with a Bachelor in Arts. In the late 90’s Mr. Textor co-founded Wyndcrest Holdings, a Florida based equity firm, which focused mainly on: internet, telecommunications, and entertainment.

With his excellent work ethic and leadership, landed him Director for BabyUniverse(a children’s online retail for goods) which occurred in 1999. Which later, thanks to his efforts led him to Chairman in 2002 as well as Chief Executive Officer in 2005. Later becoming involved in Michael Swerdlow Companies in charge of their corporate finances and strategic planning.

In May 2006 John Textor made the full-time move into the media world and became Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Productions as well as their parent company, Digital Domain Media Group, until 2012. Along with Mr. Textor’s time there, he was able to acquire many Academy Awards with the company for their efforts in over 80 motion pictures. Which in 2009 landed the company the achievements of being the first visual effects company to recreate a 100% believable human like digital actor in, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Having worked with so many films, 25 that were under his direct leaderships included huge films such as: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Transformers, and Flags of Our Fathers, as long as 22 others.

Well into his tenure career Mr. textor could now happily say that he has lived through some incredible career achievements. So far with his time with Pulse, they have successfully put together: Visual Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur which was taken to the Coachella Valley Music Festival in 2012.

Mr. Textor continues with his efforts to bring animation magic to viewers everywhere with his team, who are currently working on a new project titled, Art Story, working together with a veteran from Disney, Aaron Blaise. The future looks bright for this brilliant man and his incredible team with all their efforts. Who knows what they will have in store for our viewing pleasure.