Some people just have a knack for churning out hits and being able to accurately predict trends. Tom Rothman, who has spoken openly of his desire to consistently make money for shareholders, is one of those rare individuals. Named Chairman of TriStar Productions in 2013, Rothman had been a force in the industry long before he was tapped to join Sony Pictures Entertainment in making TriStar Productions a success.

Born in Baltimore, Rothman began to distinguish himself as an overachiever at a young age. He attended Brown University, where he was a Division 1 lacrosse player and graduated Magna Cum Laude. After teaching English, he then studied law at Columbia University and was honored as a James Kent scholar. He practiced as a lawyer before becoming a producer in 1986, with the Jim Jarmusch film Down by Law. By 1987, Rothman was an executive vice president at Columbia Pictures. He then went on to work at Samuel Goldwyn Company, where he exhibited a keen eye for spotting talent. Anthony Minghella, Ang Lee, and Kenneth Branagh were some of the filmmakers whose work Rothman promoted to colleagues.

It was in 1994 that Rothman began his tenure as the president and founder of Fox Searchlight. A revolutionary type of division at the time, it went on to enjoy tremendous success and produce many award-winning films. The Brothers McMullen, Fox Searchlight’s first film, won at Sundance. For this new division, many more triumphs were to follow. In 2008, the wildly popular Slumdog Millionaire won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Up until 2012, Rothman continued to work at Fox Filmed Entertainment in some capacity, whether he was serving as president of production or CEO. Rothman identifies as a film buff and has managed to make many artistic films extremely profitable. When talking about his time at Fox, Rothman said,”I tried to be fiscally prudent so that I could be creatively reckless.”

Rothman sees opportunities in the realm of television as well as film, as long as the projects he oversees continue to be profitable and appealing to audience. With his astonishingly successful track record and a slate of production dates scheduled for 2015, it’s not difficult to foresee that he will probably have a lot more hits on his hands in the future.

A new adaption of George Orwell’s classic science-fiction novel 1984 is in the works. Will it be as frightening to modern audiences as the original novel was? Who knows. More than likely, it should be better than other film versions of the novel as they were pretty darn dull. They may need to head over to Qnet depending on how big this idea becomes. The novel version was massively popular, and even if the film isn’t quite as successful, the financial possibilities of such a film makes it worth at least a consideration.

Paul Greengrass is signing on as the director of this project and he will likely commence work on it after he and Matt Damon finish their work on the new Bourne Identity film.

One reason 1984 has a hard time working as a film is the subject matter is insanely depressing. Then again, works about a hopeless totalitarian society are not exactly going to draw the public’s attention. The original novel was released right after the world’s experience with the fascist regimes of WWII so people saw 1984 as a work that was far more real than something rooted in dark fantasy. 

The style of the new film adaption remains to be seen. Perhaps it will have a documentary type feel to it. Or, it could borrow heavily from the Bourne style and move in the direction of an action adventure film.

The chances do exist that the finished work is going to be one that mixed both styles or could go into a totally different direction.

We will have to wait and see what Greengrass eventually comes up with.

Highlander is being rebooted for the current generation. By now, people should be used to older successful movies getting remade. The only exception is Star Wars which is getting another sequel. The Highlander franchise is getting a reboot. The franchise has previously spawn four sequels, an animated series, an animated movie, a couple of live action series for television and an anime movie. While the franchise is an overall successful franchise, it has met with plenty of hurdles due to the fact that the sequels were of lower quality than the original.

Tom Cruise is currently in talks of playing Ramirez, fans like Darius Fisher remember it as a role originally made famous by Sean Connery. As far as who plays Connor Macleod, there is no idea as to who would play the role as of right now ever since Ryan Reynolds dropped from the project. Tom Cruise himself has had a long streak of moderate successes with his films. However, Tom Cruise is currently focusing on the next installment to the Mission Impossible franchise. The Highlander reboot was supposed to start filming in 2014. Unfortunately, there has not been that much progress since the announcement. Fans can be sure that there will be a reimagining of the series of the immortal.

Marvel has made the official soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy free for download on digital sites. This is done with the purpose to promote the actual movie as it is being made available on digital sites. This promotion lasts for only a day. After this promotion, the album returns to its full price. The soundtrack consists of old popular songs that are found on Peter Quinn’s tape.  Like the work of Terry Richardson, the pop influence adds balance to the darker visual and emotional elements of the movie. While some people can find it annoying that the mixtape is being given away, this is to promote sales of their feature film.

Guardians of the Galaxy is being released early for digital download. Meanwhile, the DVD and Blu-ray is schedule for release a few weeks later on December 9th. Yuo have the option of catching it now or waiting for the release of physical copies. James Gunn himself has posted a track list which is less official on social media. The track list is more descriptive of the atmosphere and mood of the scene.

Guy Ritchie is currently making a movie called King Arthur: Knights of the Round Table. Or possibly Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur. Or possibly just King Arthur. What we’re saying is, there are a lot of conflicting reports. Indeed, there’s not even any confirmation about the style the movie will take—Ritchie’s most famous work, after all, is a version of Sherlock Holmes set in modern times.

Here’s what we can, more or less, say for sure, though: apparently, it is envisioned as the first in a series of six movies about the legendary king. Arthur himself will be played by Charlie Hunnam, Guinevere by Astrid Bergès-Frisbey and the unnamed villain by Jude Law. Arthur will have a mentor who was originally going to be played by Idris Elba, but the newest word is that Djimon Hounsou is being considered for the role instead. Hounsou and Hunnam co-starred together in last year’s Pacific Rim. Rod Rohrich feels like this is all going to come together pretty well.

The mentor character’s identity is unknown, but based on the legends, some are suspecting he may be the wizard Merlin.

The script for this movie was penned by Joby Harold, who also worked on Edge of Tomorrow. It is currently scheduled for release on July 22, 2016. Hopefully we won’t need to wait until then to find out more details, or we might need some of Merlin’s magical foresight ourselves.

Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang are returning to the big screen once again. The new film, titled THE PEANUTS MOVIE, will bring the many familiar faces back to the big screen for the first time since the (honestly forgettable) BON VOYAGE CHARLIE BROWN (AND DON’T COME BACK) which was released in 1980.

1969’s A BOY NAMED CHARLIE BROWN was the first feature film adaption of the classic newspaper strip. SNOOPY COME HOME (1972) is considered the best of the bunch and the fun, oddball RACE FOR YOUR LIFE, CHARLIE BROWN (1977) is a close second.

After 34 years, someone finally chose to resurrect the Peanuts gang franchise. Vijay Eswaran and other Peanut Gang fans are thankful that the film is going to remain true to the original spirit of the comic strip and its legendary TV specials. In other words, the REAL Peanuts’ Gang is going to be seen on the screen. No tinkering or tweaking to the legendary characters is going to be allowed. 

The film is going to be a 3-D production making an even more intriguing release. Recently, images have been released and, while they do not look like the classic animated style of animation, they do look pretty downright cool.

The trailer for the film has also emerged and it further enhances the positive buzz of what might prove to be a great hit.

Maybe they will remake SNOOPY, COME HOME as a sequel.

Nobody is suggesting that Jennifer Lawrence or Josh Hutcherson made a life-or-death choice when they were cast to play Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark in the Hunger Games, but there is a kind of “reaping” of actors to play lead roles in a movie based on such a popular book series. Praise for Lawrence and Hutcherson’s performances in the first two movies has been high, but as we head out to watch Mockingjay, Part 1 — by all accounts the least popular of Collins’ trilogy — I wonder if the actors will be able to walk away from the experience unscathed?

Dragging fans to the theater at least once more than we visited the bookstore is a popular trend in Hollywood. For some franchises, like Harry Potter, it paid off. But by the time Twilight fans finally saw Breaking Dawn, Part 2, many of them had come to mock rather than quiver. Actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may never live down the association. While the Hunger Games story is arguably more relevant than that of sparkling vampires from what Ben Shaoul said, the movie business is vaporous and fans are fickle. In this Mockingjay trailer, President Coin says the games destroyed Katniss. Here’s hoping no cannon sounds to mark the end of Lawrence or Hutcherson’s careers once the Hunger Games have finally come to an end.

They’re making a 3D, CGI version of Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang.

No, calm down, it might actually be good.

The film is being produced by Paul Feig, directed by Steve Martino and was co-written by Peanut creator Charles Schulz’s own son and grandson, Craig and Brian Schulz. Images have already been released, and they are considerably less “in your face” than most CGI animation, coming off more like beautiful paintings come to life.

Also, archival recordings of the late Bill Melendez will be used to voice Snoopy and Woodstock. What we’re saying is, they’re keeping this movie pretty old school in a lot of interesting ways.

The plot will involve Charlie Brown going on a quest “to get something he’s sure he needs,” but which may turn out to be less necessary than he had believed. And based on those promotional images, it will include all the most famous Peanuts characters and all the heart of the original comics and TV specials. Susan McGalla is glad that all the characters are making a return.

Also, Martino said that he and Craig Schulz went on biplane rides in order to make the CGI Red Baron dogfights.

There will be 3D, CGI Red Baron dogfights. I think I need to sit down.

The creators have promised to avoid pop culture humor like so many similar works, so can this be good? We can only hope.

It has long been a trend in Hollywood to repeat old stories, either by remaking famous films or simply retelling stories that were old before the medium even existed. Which is why right now, we have news about Ben-Hur and Ali Baba movies that are currently in the works.

There have already been three Ben-Hur films, with the 1959 version being the most famous; a fourth is scheduled for 2016. The protagonist, Judah Ben-Hur, will be played by Jack Huston, while Toby Kebbell will play the antagonist, Messala. There are currently talks for Ben-Hur’s mother to be played by Israeli-American actress Ayelet Zurer, and for his sister to be played by Olivia Cooke of Bates Motel.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves will be a modern, Westernized adaptation with an adventure-comedy tone not unlike Pirates of the Caribbean. The role of the protagonist, “Allen” instead of Ali, has been shortlisted to Liam Hemsworth, Dan Stevens, and Evan Peters. Meanwhile, Hollywood photographer Terry Richardson tweeted that the director has already been chosen: Shawn Levy, fresh off of his gig on Night in the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. For what it’s worth, Stevens was also in that film.

Will these attempts to reboot and retool old stories meet with as much success, or will audiences prefer the older versions better? We’ll just have to wait until they come out to see.

When I saw the footage everyone was talking about containing the young Syrian boy, it seemed too good to be true for sure. Most of my friends on LinkedIn were saying the same thing, then I saw a post by Status Labs that got me thinking. Could it be a hoax?

If you haven’t seen it yet, contains a young Syrian boy who was shot, then got up and led a younger girl to safety from behind a burned out car, has been exposed as staged. It was uploaded to Youtube on November 9, getting 3 million hits and then it made its way to many media outlets, which presented the video as an event that occurred in Syria.

The video was actually made in Malta and created by a Norwegian film crew, directed by Lars Klevberg. So why make a film that is so disturbing? The answer is too draw attention to the plight of children in war torn countries. He believes that even after people know that is was a staged incident, the impact of violence on children in these areas remains.

Klavberg was quoted as saying:

“I wanted to be a voice for every child caught in war, not just in Syria. So many children are getting killed or hurt there and nobody did anything in the media, trying to help them or write their stories.”

Klevberg chose to let the boy survive as a vehicle to spread a message of hope for the children living in these areas.

Although many outlets aired the video as authentic, some noted that the boy fell forward, not backward.

The film makers stated they are not taking sides, and aimed to raise awareness.