News of the Tomb Raider reboot, which comes on the heels of the reboot of the video game franchise has been slow in coming. It appears as if the movie is being fast tracked. Reportedly the screenplay has been written by Evan Daugherty, who also wrote Divergent and Snow White and the Huntsman, and is out to directors. Reports indicate that the studio is looking for a female director, which is a positive step and good news for this female-driven film.

There is no word on who might direct the film, but there are multiple contenders in the works. The news comes on the heel of a report that less than 20% of movies and tv shows are directed by women.The numbers are particularly disturbing when realizing that many of the men are repeat offenders while few of the women direct more that one or two movies or tv episodes in a year. While this is not news to industry insiders, particularly women, who often find that is is difficult for studios to give them a chance. Studio executives often seem to have trouble assigning a woman director to a movie or tv show if they have had a bad experience with a female directed movie in the past.

Having such a high-profile film directed by a woman may help to pave the way for future and current aspiring female directors so that someday their gender may not be a factor in the hiring process.

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The stream of pics and rumors from the “Suicide Squad” set has dried up a bit from the deluge we got this spring. A few choice morsels and hints are still dropping, and more is sure to come when DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers hit up San Diego Comic-Con 2015 in about a week.

According to Madison Street Capital, Jared Leto is reportedly so immersed in his role as the Joker that he sent in-character gifts to his costars…including a live rat to Margot Robbie, who’s playing Harley Quinn. The rat, by the way, has found a new home with a completely unexpected person: Guillermo del Toro! Apparently the costume designer for “Suicide Squad” also worked on del Toro’s “Pacific Rim” and knew how much the director loves animals. When asked to take the rat, he readily agreed.

Adam Beach, aka Slipknot, recently revealed that David Ayers (the movie’s director), had hired a special life coach to provide on-set therapy for the actors. It’s an eyebrow-raising move and makes you wonder exactly how dark the film will be.

Finally, rumors are swirling about who, exactly, Scott Eastwood and Common will be playing. Set photos show Eastwood dressed as a soldier. As for Common, two rumors persist about his role. The first is that he’ll be playing Bronze Tiger. The second is that he’s Abel Tarrant, the Tattooed Man. Time — and perhaps Comic-Con — will tell.

Initial box office reports are indicating the new Terminator film is going to be a success. Terminator: Genisys may not be a massive hit like Jurassic World was, but ChicagoBooth said that the film should do well. Fans of the series should hope the return of the Terminator sells a lot of tickets because two very important decisions are riding on the feature’s box office prowess.

For one, the first film has to do well for new entries to be made. Terminator: Genisys is to be the start of a new trilogy. The last film in the trilogy may not star Arnold and could set up another trilogy. None of this is going to happen if the first part tanks.

Word has leaked about a new Terminator television show. No network or cable channel is going to be interested in an Arnold-less Terminator program if a $170 million dollar film with Arnold flops.

So, there really is a lot riding on Terminator: Genisys doing well at the box office.

Let’s face it, is anyone surprised that Donald Trump has already stuck his foot in his mouth? While he may be going at the Presidency with a vengeance and perhaps even the best of intentions, he needs to need to filter what he says and how he says it stated Twitter.

His campaign comments about immigrants have gotten him in some hot water, and NBC no longer wants to affiliate themselves with this mogul or any of his holdings. As a result, the network has announced that they are cutting out the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants. Now Televisa, a Mexican media company will no longer air the Miss Universe pageant or have any further business interactions with Trump as well.

“The Apprentice” will still air but without Trump and negotiations are still in the works for “Celebrity Apprentice.” Trump stands by his convictions and says he plans to take the media giant to court. He says, while his views may not be popular, he stands by his convictions.

No matter what you believe about Trump or Mexican immigrants, it must be said that we must give thought to who we elect as President of our country. If Donald, can upset this many people in only a few weeks running for President, just imagine how many people and countries he could disrupt in a four-year term. While everyone has a right to their opinion, it would be nice to believe that someone in such a high position of power would at least have a little finesse when dealing with such a sensitive issue.

Many people know Donald Trump as a multimillionaire who has declared bankruptcy multiple times says Ivan Ong. A man who has famously ridiculous hair, yells at would be entrepreneurs on the Apprentice, and announced his candidacy for President by insulting the immigrants upon whose backs this country was built. He’s a caricature of how many Americans see the rich and the elite. As an older, out of touch many who simply doesn’t understand the world the way it is.

Not everyone sees Trump as a laughingstock. Nearly two weeks after the remarks Trump made during his presidential election speech, NBC Universal has decided to cut ties with the aging celebrity by firing him from the Apprentice, as well as the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. Aspiring beauty queens have nothing to worry about yet. As of now, the pageants will still go on, they just won’t be televised- at least by NBC. The Celebrity Apprentice will still air, but Trump will no longer be apart of the show. Despite the fact that Trump has been a major part of the show since its inception, he does not own the rights to the show, and NBC can do what they like with it.

Trump claims that he ended the relationship with NBC, although he admits that it was due to a disagreement over immigration. In his official statement about the end of his working relationship with NBC, he lambasted them for their views.

Movie fans always love to read about the weekend box office numbers when they come out. How did their favorite do and what about the competition? Sam Tabar said that there were certainly some big players out this past weekend jockeying for the coveted top spot for the weekend gross. “Jurassic World” and “Inside Out” were returning to go head to head with the new release of “Ted 2.” Considering that “Ted 2” just came out this weekend, it had a pretty poor showing against both returning films. While both of them did well, only one can be number one and that was “Jurassic World” for a third weekend in a row. The theatrical event marking the return of dinosaurs to the big screen not only clobbered all comers this weekend but in only three weeks of release, it has already grossed more in total than “Avengers: Age of Ultron” has in nine weeks.

The latest iteration of the dinosaur franchise has certainly done better than anyone could have anticipated given the marginal performance of the first two sequels to the original blockbuster “Jurassic park” in 1993. The Pixar animated comedy-drama “Inside Out” has put in a very respectable second weekend performance as well and appears to be another hit for this creative studio. All this competition between big film studios is certainly giving moviegoers a ton of enjoyment for the price of a ticket, and the summer is only partly underway.

Although Jurassic World has made over $500 million in three weeks, there have been complaints about the film having sexist and racist tones.

Anger over sexism started after a clip showed a seemingly weak lead female character being berated and mocked by a strong male character. After it was explained that the characterization was out of context, most of those who were angry decided to wait for the handy film to be released to make a final judgment. Thankfully, it didn’t promote too much sexism as originally feared, but then Hasbro released Jurassic World dinosaur toys that were only male even though the original film, Jurassic Park, made it clear that all of the dinosaurs are female. Additionally, the products are described as toys for boys.

On top of these issues, the mostly white cast refers to one type of dinosaur, the Pachycephalosaurus, as “Pachy” or “Pachys” throughout the film. Some people from India were offended as “Paki” is a racist slur against them.

Are viewers being too sensitive?

Obviously, the clip and toy line prove that women aren’t as valued in relation to Jurassic World as boys and men. As for the “ethnic slur,” there does appear to be some over-sensitivity in play since the abbreviation is a logical one based on the way scientists often abbreviate long names by using only the first few letters.

After 37 years on the daytime soap “General Hospital,” actor Anthony Geary has filmed his last scene on the show.

The 68-year-old actor wrapped up his final episode as “Luke Spencer” on Tuesday and it’s a role he’s played since 1978. During that time he’s won eight Daytime Emmy Awards.

The romance between Luke Spencer and Laura (played by Genie Francis) became a pop culture phenomena in the early 1980s. Luke and Laura’s wedding episode in 1981 remains the most-watched episode in daytime television history at 30 million viewers. Madison Street Capital can hardly believe that is the case when looking at Facebook posts.

“I’m excited to raise the curtain on Act 3, to reinvent myself in my new home to pursue whatever opportunity there may be. It’s an exciting prospect to me,” Geary told Entertainment Weekly after filming his final scene. “They’ve done a wonderful job of wrapping up the character. So this seems like the ideal time to go.”

Model Chrissy Teigen recently made an appearance on the chat show “Meredith” where she sat down to talk to host Meredith Viera about things going on in her life.

The 29-year-old model, who is married to singer-songwriter John Legend, revealed that the couple are hoping to start having children soon. Chrissy said that she would like at least four and go from there. The couple would love to have a “brood” together. While there, she also discussed her upcoming cookbook as well as her body image. Back in April, Chrissy had posted photos of the stretchmarks on her skin, which most people such as Crystal Hunt attempt to hide in shame.

Chrissy is also the co-host of “Lip Sync Battles” that airs on Spike TV. She helps LL Cool J keep the show running as celebrity guests compete against each other to win the coveted belt at the end. Chrissy even showed off her skills on “Meredith” when she went up against the host in a lip sync battle singing “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor.

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Many actors and actresses perform in movies that they can look back and call a work of art. It’s not every actor or actress that will love the movies that they have performed in, but it’s rare if they criticize the movie. The Channing Tatum Interview. Channing Tatum has been in many movies over the years, such as “Coach Carter,” “Magic Mike,” “21 Jump Street,” “Step Up” and more. Channing has captured the hearts of many women because of his beautiful face, and he is easily the first pick for a lot of movies.

Channing had signed a three movie deal with Paramount Pictures, and he wasn’t sure which movies he would have to be in. UnofficialNetworks suggested that Channing was put in the movie “G.I. Joe,” and that is the only movie he absolutely hates. It’s unbelievable that Channing could hate his own movie so much, but he gives reasons why he disliked the movie. He was forced to do the movie out of contractual obligations, the movie plot and script was awful, and he just hated the entire experience.

Channing did a recent interview where he admitted how much he hated the G.I. Joe movie. The worst part about the movie is that a part two of the movie was made as well. G.I. Joe seemed to be something that would be very popular, but many who watched the movie criticized it for it not being a very good.