While Annabelle failed to impress…as most prequels do, the Conjuring 2 is shaping up to be an awesome film, as James Wan is coming back to run the project. The brilliant mind behind the original Saw and Insidious has more horror plans in store for us, when he brings back the demon possessed doll for another outing.

The original Conjuring is literally one of the spookiest movies almost ever, and I don’t think it’s something that even Tom Rothman could have produced better. I’m definitely on board for another adventure in that world.

There are a couple of amazing DVDs coming out tomorrow. And I’m here to break down the best of the bunch. That being Snowpiercer.

Now Snowpiercer is a film that I was thinking about, because it’s really, really amazing. The unique sci-fi setting, the great acting, and the beautiful social commentary make up for a world that’s sort of difficult to believe.

But this movie defines why science fiction is so much damn fun.

Next, we have The Purge: Anarchy. This movie fixed everything I didn’t like about the first, by giving us a better setting, characters, and learning more about the real Purge. The people who are on the street, or living in bad neighborhoods, that are always going to have a more difficult time surviving. This is a must buy in my opinion.

That’s about it for this week to be honest. Nothing else of note, or really all that amazing. But two absolutely spectacular films should be enough right?

Scarlett Johansson has been offered the opportunity to star in the big screen re-imagining of Ghost in the Shell. This would be amazing because Scarlett is a brilliant actress, is perfect for action roles, and Ghost in the Shell is one of the greatest anime of all time.

The movie, as well as the companion television series (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex) were absolutely amazing. Something Andrew Heiberger and I are really big fans of. I watched the entire series in about a day when I bought the DVDs.

Originally Margot Robbie was rumored for the role, but Scarlett Johansson is the lone competitor now that Robbie has been targeted to star in DC Comics’ Suicide Squad film, as Harley Quinn.

Graphic novels and coveted comic book story plot lines often contain elements that challenge film makers. Technology had to catch up so that a villain the likes of Electro could make it from the Spiderman universe onto the silver screen. Other times, a critical juncture is reached in which a key plot line would have a domino effect for the entire industry. The release of Captain America 3 presents points of interest that once aired would prove nearly impossible to stuff the genie back into the bottle.

All Present and Accounted For

The theme of registration is a common one across the superhero genre. Tom Rothman and the folks at Tristar tend to feel more comfortable knowing who these superheroes are and what exactly they are capable of doing. Captain America 3 deals with this in the famous comic book plot line “Civil War.” In it, the good guys are split down the ranks as to whether to comply with the new edict of enrollment. Iron Man thinks they should while Captain America firmly defies this course of action.

Opinions morph into stances which results in active recruitment to either side. Some are espousing personal freedom while others are invoking that the protection of government comes first. Battle lines and alliances are firmly drawn in this defining plot series. The ramifications from this movie on the super hero genre will be greater than most others. Kudos to the Hollywood Executives that finally gives us something that defines the industry instead of just cloning it.

When the news first came through that Ben Affleck would play Batman in the upcoming superhero movie “Batman vs. Superman”, there was a lot of groaning and moaning. A lot of people were disappointed with the casting, with most pointing to Affleck’s miserable attempt at a superhero movie with “Daredevil”. If ever a movie could be used as a perfect example of how NOT to do a superhero adaptation, it would be “Daredevil”. Despite that poor attempt, Affleck believes that there is no reason “Batman vs. Superman” will be a failure.

The initial negative reaction to Affleck’s casting has died down. A lot of people are willing to give him a chance, points out Brian Torchin on his Tumblr. His recent movies have been marked improvements on his initial roles. For example, Affleck won an Oscar for his directing role in “Argo”. He was also a star in that movie. His most recent work, “Gone Girl”, has been receiving rave reviews from movie goers and critics.

“Gone Girl” depicts a story where a man is charged with the murder of his disappeared wife. The book is based on a movie, while Affleck and Rosamund Pike play the two leads. Affleck has been praised for his reserved yet powerful performance by many people.

In terms of “Batman vs. Superman”, it remains to be seen whether Affleck can bring the necessary muscle, anger and fear to an iconic role. Following Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan’s trilogy will be a massive task for the American actor.

Affleck offered these words of encouragement for fans: “If I thought we were doing another movie just like Daredevil, I would be one of the voices complaining as well. I am driven to succeed in this role, I have very high standards, and I have no doubt that I will meet them.”

Over one billion reasons can be enough to move even the staunchest opponents of projects. When the third installment of a very popular movie franchise was finished, the conjecture was that the series had run its course. Well when all the bean counters finished their tallying, the immense profit allowed the debate to be reopened. Several other parallel projects are in the works that could hinder it but fear not superhero fans. What popular protagonist will be back for a fourth installment?

Well by now, the cat has been let out of the bag as seen in this video. Robert Downey Jr. has all but confirmed that there will be an Iron Man 4. Negotiations are something that he is very open to as Robert is one of if not the highest paid actors in Hollywood. It is a role that he is very comfortable with. Most importantly is that with his immense body of previous work, the threat of him being typecast for the remainder of his career is non existent. It would be a win win situation for Tom Rothman’s Tristar Pictures and the actor.

It is gracious of Robert to confirm this to his rabid fans. He is very busy promoting his latest release which is called “The Judge.” Two sequels are also in the works for the mega hit the Avengers. Marvel has a full plate in part because of their excellent customer relations. If only more studios were forthcoming addressing rumors, the movie industry could make a stronger comeback.

Plenty of great stuff out today, including the new Tom Cruise movie Edge of Tomorrow. Jared Haftel wanted me to see this with him at the theater, but I missed my chance. Love Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt though, and robot mech suits are always cool in sci-fi movies.

A Million Ways to Die in the West released too, which is Seth McFarlane’s newest comedic effort. I really love Family Guy, and Ted, so I can’t imagine this isn’t worth picking up.

Also notable are the second season of History’s excellent Game of Thrones inspired Vikings. Also the first season of Rick and Morty, and also the third season of American Horror Story. Again, all worth checking out, and picking up. Especially Rick and Morty which is one of the most hilarious new animated shows I’ve ever seen.

Those of us who grew up reading comic books are living in paradise. Now that comic book movies are mainstream, everyone knows about and can discuss all sorts of geeky topics ranging from who is worthy of lifting Thor’s hammer to Captain America’s love life.

With this has also come a new division. In the old days, fans fantasized about seeing DC heroes such as Batman crossing over with Marvel heroes such as Iron Man. This would happen on rare occasions, where both companies would collaborate and put out comic books that would feature “cross-overs”. In the early ’90’s there was a fairly epic limited series which detailed battles between DC and Marvel superheroes which included an odd scene where Aquaman had a whale jump on top of Namor the Sub-mariner.

Things have become even more complicated since then. In order to avoid bankruptcy years ago, Marvel sold their movie rights piecemeal. Fox owns the X-Men, Sony owns Spider-Man and Disney has the Avengers. What this means is that it is very unlikely we will ever see these characters interact on the big screen in the way we see them in the comics.

This especially chafes the comic fan when the topic of Thanos comes up. Thanos is the big purple guy who appeared in one of the end-credits scenes in The Avengers. The story that The Avengers movies appear to be building to is a movie version of the classic “Infinity Gauntlet” story published by Marvel in the early ’90’s.

Infinity Gauntlet was about how Thanos had acquired the power of a god, and the entire marvel universe attacked him at once. Yes, Spider-man, Wolverine and The Avengers all together in one story. Unfortunately, this tale does not seem possible in the current environment which means film fans will be treated to a cool-but-disappointing variation on the story.

Or so we thought. There are reports that Sony is uncertain what to do with the struggling Spider-Man franchise and is reaching out to Disney to possibly include Spidey in the mix. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.