Movie News – ‘Twin Peaks’: David Lynch Upstages Nine Inch Nails With Sprawling Nightmare Sequence

The Showtime revival series comes out with its single most surreal episode yet — and then it gets even weirder.

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Movie News – ‘Silicon Valley’s’ Mike Judge Talks Season 4 Finale, the End of Erlich and Six-Season Plan

The showrunner also discusses Zach Woods’ breakout season, Uber’s recent saga and the challenges of putting together a fake tech conference.

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Batman V Superman Director Zack Snyder Speaks on Wonder Woman

Zach Snyder, the man who has kickstarted the DC Cinematic Universe, has spoken on the success of the recent installment, Wonder Woman. Among the things he has said was that he has always intended for Wonder Woman to be such a contrast to Batman V Superman and Man of Steel in order for women to be presented with a good role model. However, fans might roll their eyes at Zack Snyder because of his lackluster film. At the same time, studio interference can have something to do with the screwing up of the DC Cinematic Universe.


Studios seem to think that people want DC to be like Marvel. However, movies like Logan have shown that people can handle a dark movie if the story is done right. For instance, it was not that Batman V Superman was dark, it was that the story was sloppily handled and edited. When people went light with Batman back in the 90s, many people complained that it was too campy. Nolan’s Batman series have proven that a dark movie could do well because the stories that were told were intelligent.


With Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins has shown that it is possible for a movie based on DC comic book characters to be intelligent and easy to follow. Given that it has received some good reviews, it is likely that this could be the jump off point for the DC cinematic universe to get everything together. The only thing is that the Zack Snyder directed Justice League has to do well. However, even if it doesn’t do well, this can be expected to be the last of the bad streak for DC.


Movie News – Weekend Box Office: ‘Transformers 5’ Opens to Franchise-Low $69M

The movie’s fate rests overseas, where it debuted to $196.2 million; ‘The Big Sick’ and ‘The Beguiled’ post the best screen averages of the year at the specialty box office.

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Movie News – Why Broadway’s ‘1984’ Audiences Are Fainting, Vomiting and Getting Arrested

Olivia Wilde, Tom Sturridge and Reed Birney star in the bold staging of George Orwell’s dystopian novel.

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Movie News – Stephen Colbert Appears on Russian TV, Says He’s Considering 2020 Run for President

The ‘Late Show’ host appeared on the popular ‘Evening Urgant’ program during his trip abroad.

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The Changing Face of Western Movies

Each era in show business has a central genre that is very popular. These days, it is the comic book movie genre. Just a few decades ago, it was the gunslinger movies that was considered as the favorite genre. While they are often considered western movies, one thing to consider is that every movie made in the west is technically western. It’s just that the popular settings change.


Back in the 50s, the gunslingers were the favorite action heroes. Then in the 60s, this version of the genre began to die out. This brought forth some attempts at deconstructing the genre. Among the types of movies that have been released in those days are Spaghetti Westerns. One interesting thing about this category is that it has stripped the central hero down to more of an anti-hero. The outspoken morally good hero has been replaced with a soft spoken amoral anti-hero. A similar thing has happened in the east with Japan’s Samurai movies.


After a while, studios have all but stopped making gunslinger movies except every once in a while. However, the themes of the western still remain intact. As a matter of fact, many of today’s action movies can be considered gunslinger movies in an updated setting. The latest forms that the western has taken on is the comic book movie. While they are still as popular as ever, they are already beginning to die down. Some films have been released as a deconstruction of the comic book hero. Among these movies are Watchmen, Logan, and Kick Ass. There is no telling when exactly the comic book film genre is going to fall back into the background, but they are still being enjoyed today with films like Wonder Woman, and upcoming movies like Thor: Ragnarok.


Rick Smith: A true Success within the Technology Industry

Rick Smith assumed the position as CEO of Securus Technologies in June 2008. Rick Smith has an impressive background as well as education which is necessary in his position as CEO of Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas Texas. Read more articles at

Much of Mr. Smith’s experience comes from his previous experience working for Frontier Corporation. While at Frontier Corporation Smith held various important positions. Positions held while at Frontier include finance, business development, IT and operations manager. Therefore, Smith has extensive experience in business planning and development as well as the financial end of the business. Smith is familiar with trading and various investment and planning strategies.

Rick Smith Securus has the kind of drive that would serve as a valuable asset to just about any organization. Rick Smith has a great deal of experience working with Telecom. Smith was responsible for a revenue growth which grew from $30 million to a whopping $350 million. The Frontier Corporation grew tremendously while Smith was part of the organization.

Rick Smith believes that strong focus on customer service and product developments are critical to the success and growth of any organization or business. Poor customer relations can cause the downfall of any large or small business organization.

*Memberships Held & Education Credentials:

Smith is currently a Board Member at Integra Telecom. In addition, Rick Smith holds a similar position at Eschelon Telecom. He has held the position with Eschelon telecom since August of 2000. Rick Smith and his accomplishments are discussed frequently on MSNBC as well as Bloomberg Financial. Also, many featured articles have been written about Rick Smith and his rise to financial success. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

Rick Smith has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from the State University in New York (Buffalo). In addition, Smith also has an Masters in Mathematics from University of Rochester. Smith also holds an MBA Degree. It is quite evident that Rick Smith believes in the importance of higher education. Smith’s education, ambitions and experience has certainly taken his career to great heights within the business world.

Movie News – ‘GLOW’ Bosses on Why They Wanted to Make a Female Wrestling Comedy

‘GLOW’ co-creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch speak to THR about the Alison Brie-led wrestling series’ premiere, plot and cast.

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Why Mediocre is the Worst a Movie Can Be

When people think about bad movies, they often go to the movies that are so painful and embarrassing to watch that they are remembered for how “bad” they are. However, those movies have turned out to be very entertaining to the point that they are treated and remembered like classics. When people think about bad movies, they tend to think that those are the movies that are going to be forgotten. However, it is not the bad movie that is forgotten. It is the mediocre movie that people forget about.


The thing with mediocre movies is that mediocrity could fall within a large range. There is mediocre good, mediocre, and then mediocre bad. The thing is that it doesn’t matter how good a movie is in the mediocrity scale. It will still be forgotten. Perhaps one of the reasons that a mediocre movie is forgotten is that it offers nothing new. One of the most recent mediocre movies to be released is The Mummy. This recent Mummy movie is very forgettable. Even Tom Cruise’s star power could not save the film. The story and the effects are really nothing new. Perhaps the only new effect that is worth remember is the pupils of the eyes multiplying.


The Mummy is one of the franchises that have the most movies. This type of movie has also spanned a couple of genres. While The Mummy is mostly a horror type of story, there have also been movies that have taken the franchise to action, adventure and comedy franchises while retaining some of the horror elements. The Brendan Fraser starring vehicle is one thing that comes to mind. It is safe to say that The Mummy franchise is going to lie dormant for a while again.