“Aladdin” Remake Accused of “Browning Up” Actors

The upcoming live-action remake of Disney’s Aladdin has been accused of “browning up” Caucasian actors to play extras.

The allegations come from Kaushal Odedra, a stand-in for one of the characters in the film. He claims to have seen about twenty “very fair-skinned” actors in line outside of a make-up tent in order to be made darker before filming, according to Dateline.

Disney issued a response about the issue, saying “Diversity of our cast and background performers was a requirement and only in a handful of instances when it was a matter of specialty skills, safety and control (special effects rigs, stunt performers and handling of animals) were crew made up to blend in.”

The statement also noted that they have somewhere between 400 and 500 background characters and specialists who were specially recruited from Middle Eastern, Indian, African, Mediterranean or Asian locations, while about 100 were recruited from around Surrey and London, where the movie is currently being filmed.

The film is a remake of the 1992 animated version. It stars Aladdin, a kindhearted street rat and thief, who gains three wishes from a wacky genie. He tries to use these to win the hand of Jasmine, a rebellious princess who is only allowed to marry a prince.

This is not the first racial controversy that has erupted over the film. While the title character is going to be played by Egyptian-Canadian actor Mena Massoud (Open Heart), some have protested to the casting of Naomi Scott as Jasmine. The actress, perhaps best known for her role as Kimberly the Pink Ranger in 2017’s Power Rangers film, is of mixed Caucasian and Indian heritage.

The film will also include a Norwegian prince named Anders, whom some believe will be a whitewashed version of Achmed, a minor antagonist from the original.

The 1992 film received its share of criticism. The Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee objected to the fact that Aladdin and Jasmine had Caucasian facial features and voice actors while other characters looked and sounded more stereotypically Middle Eastern. They also objected to a line in its song (“they’ll cut off your ear if they don’t like your face”), which was changed in home releases.

Reeves is “Outlining” his “Batman” Film

Matt Reeves says that he’s still working on the upcoming DC Extended Universe film The Batman, but implies that it will probably be a long time before there is any concrete news on the project.

He made these comments during an appearance on the podcast The Q&A With Jeff Goldsmith, where he said “I am outlining. I have the story worked out, and I am outlining.”

Unfortunately for fans, outlining means that he still has a ways to go before he even starts working on the script, let alone doing the casting, pre-production or filming of the movie. As such, rumors that production are going to begin during the summer of this year are almost certainly not accurate.

The Batman would be a follow-up to the appearance of the Caped Crusader in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, both of which had an underwhelming reception. Warner Bros. is no doubt hoping that their most popular superhero can get another trilogy going to win back some audience support for the floundering DCEU franchise.

According to Reeves, his movie would focus on Batman as a detective, and be influenced by the thrillers of famed filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. Currently unknown is whether or not it would include other members of the Bat Family; Nightwing and Batgirl are both supposed to be getting their own movies as well.

Of course, it remains to be seen if any of these flicks will ultimately get made; since starting this franchise, Warner Bros. has announced something like twenty upcoming films, only for many to stall, disappear or go through production problems. Fortunately, the next two, Aquaman and Shazam, seem to be moving along well, being in post- and pre-production, respectively.

Another major question is whether Reeves’ hypothetical movie will include Ben Affleck, who has played him in this series so far. Rumors say that the veteran actor is thinking of leaving the franchise. Last heard, he was “considering” reprising his role in the upcoming solo film; meanwhile, Reeves reportedly has an alternative actor in mind to take up the mantle should Batfleck decide to hang up the cowl.

“Solo” Trailer May Drop on Friday

It is possible that the first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story will be shown on Friday, January 12 during Good Morning America.

The rumor was posted on the Twitter account Star War Legacy on January 7.

The second in the Star Wars Anthology stories, the film is set to tell the backstory of famed smuggler Han Solo (here depicted by Alden Ehrenreich) and his Wookie partner Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo). Also appearing are Han’s old friend from the previous movies, Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover), and his criminal mentor Beckett (Woody Harrelson).

The film is set for release on May 25, which makes it strange that it has yet to release a trailer; big franchises like Star Wars often showing teasers up to a year in advance nowadays. For comparison, Rogue One’s first trailer also dropped during Good Morning America, but in April ahead of a release in December.

Some suspect that this delay is the result of problems during the film’s production. Originally the movie was being directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the duo behind The Lego Movie; however, they suddenly left the project when it was very close to being complete (meaning, by industry standards, shortly before they would have had the right to demand their own cut of the movie).

There were apparently several reasons for Lord and Miller’s clash with LucasFilm and Disney. For one, the pair prefer a more improvisational style, while the studios wanted them to stay closer to the script; also, while they were hired to bring a touch of humor to the movie, the pair apparently thought that Disney wanted something closer to a straight-up comedy set in the Star Wars continuity.

The pair has been replaced by Ron Howard, who has apparently done massive reshoots, and some worry about what this will mean for the final product. To be fair, Rogue One had similar (but less extensive) problems; but on the other hand, having an incoherent movie on their hands could explain why the studio has not released their trailer yet. For now, we will have to wait and see.

Lime Crime: The Girls In The Brand

Lime Crime is a burgeoning cosmetic company that was founded by Doe Deere in New York City, New York. The business is currently based out of Los Angeles, California. For those individuals who are not yet familiar with Deere and her cosmetics company, don’t break out in worry lines.

Here is some additional information on Doe Deere and her beauty business endeavors. Doe Deere, who is legally named Xenia Vorotova, is not just the sole founder of Lime Crime but she is also the chief executive officer (CEO) and the sole owner of the cosmetics venture. Deere is actually a native of Russia although she was raised in New York City.

Doe once told the press she founded her business simply because she could not ever find the makeup items that were quite bright and colorful enough to go with her custom line of clothing she was offering on eBay. The official LC launch was back in October 2008. She began with numerous glitters, eyeshadows, brushes and one primer. She next introduced customers to her unusual and unique Unicorn Lipsticks the next year.

LC revealed in a previous statement that the company’s original Velvetines product line of lipstick, which was first put out on the market in 2012, was what set off the whole popular liquid lipstick to matte lipstick trend today. LC is (and reportedly always have been) cruelty-free too. In fact, a significant portion of the company’s product line has been vegan since the business began nearly a decade ago.

Doe Deere an industry climber and near celebrity-like individual in her field supervises the development of all her products and is reported to be quite sensitive to her clientele. In 2012 Deere supervised the entire reformulation of the rest of her products so that all her cosmetics would conform to all vegan requirements. Today the Lime Crime cosmetics line can be purchased at retail locations in such countries as the U.S., Australia, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Thailand, and the U.K. Lime Crime products are also available for purchase via the official LC website and several additional internet retailers.

Find out more about Lime Crime: https://www.bustle.com/p/how-much-is-lime-crimes-unicorn-hair-dye-these-unconventional-shades-are-super-affordable-48000

Views Of Cassio Audi On Investments Rules In Brazil

In Brazil, fund management is highly regulated by legislation regulated by the government. This sector is under the realms of the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM). Hence it is a highly competitive industry. It is under a strict watch as this ensures that the players are not using any kind of unfair practices. Now the Securities Commission has formulated new rules for managing investments. These rules are for investment advisors, as well as administrators besides managers. This move has been taken by the Commission as it is addressing the policy issues to ensure best practices in investment management. Cassio Audi presents his views on these policy regulations.

The highlights of all these proposed regulations are the updates that have been made to the existing rules. This would target managers by defining requirements along with the procedures for getting authorization. There would be many other changes too. Cassio Audi specified that these were meant for creating systems which would enable the investment funds managers in distributing the investment funds under their management.

Cassio Audi also specified that more requirements had come in with regard to rules governing internal control as well as conduct. This would also pertain to disclosing information which would come under the Brazilian Association of Finance and Capital Market Entities (ANBIMA).

This is where Cassio Audi also defined the innovations that feature in this draft. This includes share distribution of all the available funds which is under the charge of the investment managers. Next, he is talking about the obtaining of authorization of CVM. Now, these can act as investment managers. This will lead to risk management policies getting enhanced accordingly.

Casio Audi is known as a senior manager who is entirely driven by results. His professional credentials are excellent. He is an action-oriented executive who enjoys a coveted reputation.

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How MB2 Dental is Bringing a Change in Dental Practice

Doctors have hectic schedules. These professionals work day and night just to make sure that their patients get the best treatment. The health of the patients means a lot to the doctors. Dentists are very dedicated to their work too. Sometimes, however, they can get too overwhelmed by the numerous duties they have to carry out. When the doctors are too busy, they do not have enough time to attend to the patients, and learn more about MB2 Dental.

MB2 Dental is a professional body that was founded by a renowned doctor Chris Villanueva. The businessman and doctor had worked as an active practitioner in the market for a very long time, and he had realized that dentists were facing a lot challenges in the course of their work. The doctor always had a vision of ensuring that patients get only the best services from doctors who are in sole practice and corporate industries. Villanueva had spent his active career in both sectors, and he knew the hurdles the dentists are going through. Chris was equipped with all the knowledge needed to start a dentist network without compromising the quality and integrity of the profession, and it’s Linkedin.

Running such an organization is not a walk in the park. Villanueva and his team at the company have so many responsibilities. MB2 Dental ensures that they offer the support needed by the doctors without any strings attached. The organization has done its best to support the professionals in the area by opening more than seventy locations in various parts of the world. The group is currently serving people in more than six states in the country. MB2 Dental currently has five hundred and thirty employees who work as a close-knit family.

The leadership of the company has played a vital role in the success of the successful network. The management does its best to make sure that the doctors are given the support needed in the workplace. MB2 Dental offers exemplary better services than other facilities in so many ways. First of all, the official activities that are carried out by doctors are given top priority. Villanueva has seen the challenges that the traditional management organizations experience, and he has done his best to avoid these hurdles. In the course of his career, the successful dentist has been focusing on making the lives of the patients better. This passion has been instrumental in the success of the network. The expertise of the employees in the company has helped it to come its current level.

OneLogin: Highlights from 2017

OneLogin Inc, a digital technologies firm based in the cloud, has a main focus on simplifying Identity management for their customers, Business and organizations around the world are already benefiting from the services offered by the more than innovative firm. Founded in 2009 by Thomas Pedersen and Christian Pedersen, the fledgling firm is located in San Francisco, California.

The firm serves over 2,000 global enterprise clients including such big names as Dell, Pandora, Pinterest, Fastenall, and Indeed. This past summer they landed Airbus as one of their newest customers, a leading aeronautics and space manufacturing firm in the process of a major digital transformation within the infrastructure of their company. These are the types of clients OneLogin is helping with the transition of the global marketplace as it quickly moves into the future.

Brad Brooks became CEO of OneLogin this past August(2017). With almost three decades in the global technology industry it is quite clear why he is such a great match for the company. Aside from onboarding an outstanding new CEO in 2017 OneLogin was nominated by Fortune Magazine as one of the top 10 places to work, it is not the first time the company has received such an award. Glassdoor awarded them with “Best Place to Work” back in 2015. The company also vastly improved their app user login last year by adding machine learning to the process, making the actual login much happen quicker and smoother.

Products offered by OneLogin include, but are not limited to, Single Sign-On, Cloud Directory, Multi-factor Authentication, Mobile Identity Management, Cloud RADIUS, Desktop Authentication, and Web Access Management. Millions of identities in numerous countries around the world are currently managed by OneLogin systems. The company has received nearly $45 million in funding from such venture firms as Charles River Ventures, The Social Capital, and Scale Venture Partners since 2010.

Learn more about OneLogin: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4mup2Tsf3GvICslTER2DtQ

The Origins Of $18 Billion In Modern Charity Structuring Your Future Charity With The Horrors Of Your Past

A look at the $18 billion George Soros donated to the Open Society Foundations shows us an outstanding pattern with this professional. George Soros began as a leader in humanitarian aide, and he continues to define philanthropy as we know it. His work comes from a distance past he lived when poor and threatened by the onset of Nazi war.

The Inspiration Of George Soros

It’s interesting when we take a look at the past of successful people. You might find it unworthy of respect when someone protests a cause today that deals with hardships they had in the past. The fact is, everyone has a major challenge about themselves to confront. George Soros had to confront death inching its way to him and his family.

World War II a brought devastating loss to society. The horrors of this reality led George Soros to make commitment to change. It was clear to George that he had to work on a larger change for the future.

Leaving Hungary And London For The United States

The first step George Soros took was in leaving his home country. He had to go. Nazis threatened the Hungarian society with military plague that we remember to this day. George found his way into the United Kingdom as a result and began a new life. He then worked his way to a stable pattern by finding work wherever he could.

That work didn’t pay off and only left him hungrier. It was clear to George Soros that something better was needed and fast. Better is what came. George Soros had a vision that led him to pursue finance as profession. He entered the London School Of Economics. History was being made in the process, and little of it did George know.

The Foundation For A Legacy In Construction

Mr. Soros is recognized today for building a legacy as charitable figure. This isn’t a man who gives while sitting on the sidelines. George Soros is considered to be one of the most involved philanthropists of his time. His issues are clear in their details, and the sides he takes are defended accurately.

The money and prestige of George Soros is a big help to the platform he has. All he needs is the right passion for great success, and this is what he puts into action daily.

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Creating a Safer World with Securus Technologies

When inmates have access to cell phones, it can pose a huge threat to those working in corrections. Robert Johnson, a man who has been working in corrections for 15 years, knows just how true the statement above is. After being shot in his home, Johnson tied the shooter with an inmate whose contraband he had confiscated at some point. When the inmate became upset, he used a cell phone to contact friends, who proceeded to enter Johnson’s home, putting Johnson’s life and his family’s lives in danger. Johnson experience emotional and physical damage after this shooting, which eventually leads to his teaming up with Securus Technologies, a company that works to provide technology solutions to the civil and criminal justice systems everywhere. Johnson, along with the company, created a wireless containment system that works to keep cell phones inside from connecting to unknown numbers outside.


This wireless containment system has helped keep the bad guys from contacting outsiders, but it still allows them a bit of entertainment inside. Robert Johnson knows just how dangers the situation can become, which is why Securus Technologies is working furiously to keep the cell phones from reaching the outside. This technology is helping create a safer environment for both correctional workers and inmates alike since the inmates using the contraband cell phones are unable to contact others on the outside. Inmates are still given the opportunity to reach emergency contacts like 9-1-1, and if a number is not on the authorized call list, it is blocked completely. Securus Technologies is using their special equipment and technology to put an end to the illegal communications that is so often happening in the jails and prisons in America.


With this new technology, corrections officers and others in the criminal and civil justice system can relax knowing that they are a bit safer in the world. Is the technology working? Of course! Just between 2016 and 2017, Securus Technologies has found, through their wireless containment system, that they have prevented more than 1.7 million inmates from attempting illegal communication in the eight correctional facilities where the technology is already being employed. Robert Johnson is only one of the many that have faced serious injuries and emotional stress after an incident like this. Perhaps, this is why Johnson has decided to take charge and fix the problem.


Robert Johnson, along with the members of Securus Technologies, hopes that the future will bring the use of this technology to all correctional facilities throughout the world. Not only is it keeping the officers safe from inmates contacting others to do their work, but it is also keeping inmates from getting hold of other contraband items while in prison. These technologies are working to stop crime and help make the world a safer place one cell phone at a time.

Troy McQuagge Understands How Charity is Important

Aside from just wanting to help people with the charitable efforts he has done, Troy McQuagge USHealth recognizes that charity is an important part of running a business. He wants to make sure USHEALTH Group has what they are looking for and that they are doing things the right way through the opportunities they have. For Troy McQuagge, this is part of how he can make a difference and it’s what has allowed him to bring attention to the issues going on in the industry. For a health insurance company, Troy McQuagge knows there will be things that can happen. He knows that if he gives people the things back that they need, he will be doing things right. He also knows there will be other ways he can provide people with the opportunities they can use to make their own lives better.

The HOPE Program stands for Helping Other People Everyday. Troy McQuagge knows what it will take to give people the things he can look for and the things that will make their lives better. Through HOPE, he is providing people with the options they need to improve their own lives without the problems that can sometimes come from helping out in different situations. It has given him the ability to change the course of the future for those who he tries to do business with. It has also allowed him to make sure things are working out for the company so he can make it better for everyone. Follow Troy McQuagge USHealth on Twitter.

As long as Troy McQuagge is doing what he can to help, so is USHEALTH Group. The company knows what it will take to give people the options they need. They also know there will be some things they can do to try and give back with everything they have started. It all goes back to the industry standards they are working with and the people who they are trying to take a lot of help from. It goes to show that TroyMcQuagge is doing his best at helping other people with the issues they are facing and with the experiences they have made on their own.

Bringing things into perspective has helped Troy McQuagge make sure he is doing things right. He knows there will be other opportunities he can use to be successful. He also knows there will be changes that can come from the industry. For Troy McQuagge, this is part of how he can work to bring attention to many different issues. It is also the right way for him to give people what they are looking for. No matter what he does, HOPE continues to be an integral part of the USHEALTH Group community.