John Goullet is a management professional proficient in Information Technology and staffing Professional. He serves as the Chairman at Diversant LLC, a firm that specializes in Information Technology consultancy. John had been successful in the field of IT by engineering the development of many ventures. Goullet began his career by serving as an IT consultant and later in 1994 switched to Staffing. His is proficient includes being appreciative of emerging market trends, skillful in application development, great understanding of network engineering and operation, and offering web solutions.

In the same year, John founded Info Technologies, A firm that focused on capturing the global market by offering IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies around the globe. John invested massively into the running of this venture in the sense that, within five years Info Technologies grew to $ 30 Million. This development made Info Technology to feature number 8 spot on Inc. Magazines in the list of the 500 fastest growing companies in the private sector organization in the US.

John formed a Merger with Gene of the Diversant Inc. to come up with DIVERSANT LLC., and John the President of Diversant. In this role, John is able to meet the challenges of the company’s evolving and newly-emerging IT Market Place through developing customer-orientated solutions which had been his passion. He has a profound work style consultant and skill-set to encounter clients’ requirements. Mr. Goullet graduated from Ursinus College.

Diversant LLC is a merger of two IT Company’s, Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. It was founded by John Goullet and Gene Waddy in 1994. It is the largest Private owned African-American IT staffing and solution Company in the United States. It is rated as the fastest growing IT venture with good clientele base globally that is able to offer successfully IT personnel and a wide range of solution for their Fortune 1000 and mid-market clients.

Diversant LLC success is concentrated on Consultative and staffing approach that has given the company edge in the market by viewing their clients as business partners and strive deeply to understand their needs and challenges individually. Thus, this gives an advantage in the market leading to the development of Strategic solutions.

Doug Levitt is a man that endeavors to learn more about America by strapping on his trusty guitar and riding Greyhound buses across the country. The fact is that riding the bus is something that most people would prefer not to do. Think of long rides in the tight enclosure with people that you do not know. However, the former foreign news correspondent has a different angle to pitch. He is riding the greyhound buses to compose songs, stories, and gather pictures about people that are traveling on the bus. Doug Levitt, singer/songwriter, is calling this his Greyhound Diaries Project.

Doug Levitt is a man on a mission of personal discovery. Actually, his personal discovery concerns riding on a bus across America. Levitt has been on this journey for several years and attracted plenty of attention on the Greyhound Diaries Project. Levitt relates that he gets to talk to a lot of people on those bus rides. Many of them are down on their luck and looking for a way out of their problems. Levitt is a singer and songwriter. He composed several songs about his journey across America. He has also talked about his travels on popular media sources like CNN, FOX News, and Wall Street Journal.

Levitt grew up in the Washington D.C. area. His mother was a politician and mayoral candidate. Levitt attended Cornell University. He earned a Masters at the London School of Economics. Levitt started out as a foreign correspondent. Later on, he decided that he would like to make a career change and started a singing/songwriter career. Later on, he moved to Nashville to pursue his career interest. His career took a new direction after meeting a noted record producer in Nashville. The two have collaborated on several projects over the course of the last few years. Most notable, The Greyhound Diaries.

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